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Singing bowl Neptune

My name is Neptune,

and I was born in Tibet. I was composed from different metals like bronze and brass. A Tibetan monk formed me to a bowl by using only traditional tools like a hammer and an anvil. And he gave me the frequencies you can hear and the name Neptune. I am responsible for the crown chakra and your dreams, visions and your believes. My sound is related to love and mercy. After my birth the monk took me to Afghanistan. For almost three years I was sitting in a corner of a large room. Then somebody took me to Hamburg in Germany. I shared my place for several months next to Buddha figures, crystal stones and jewellery. All of us came from all over Asia and I shared my space in a shelf with many other sound bowls.

A few days ago a couple from Lunenburg appeared in this shop. The guy turned all of us bowls upside down and made us sing. He put all the others back except me. I was packed and carried to Lunenburg to the Holistic Health Center. There I discovered eight other bowls in my new home, all different. Some are very small some are very big and all sound different.

And on next Monday I will have my first mission during the sound bowl meditation at Holistic Health Centre, Lunenburg. I am excited and I would be happy to introduce my sound to you.

See you on Monday the 11th of October at 4.30 pm at the Sanctuary room, Holistic Health Lunenburg. Neptune

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