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Only one reason why we are blessed to live in Nova Scotia!

By Dr. med. Claudia Schmiemann

It is blueberry season….. did you notice?

Nova Scotia is famous for its anthocyanidines …… that is the name for a type of polyphenoles we find in wild blueberries.

And these anthocy…… do a real good job for us: they are one of the strongest natural antioxidants we know. So that means: our Nova Scotian blueberries are a real superfood!!!

Unfolding the antioxidative effects these polyphenols from the sweet blue berries help our body to deal with cancer cells.

So let ´s get adventurous and check all kinds of recipes. You give your body a treat by eating them fresh but you can also freeze them and use them the year through. Let food be our remedy.

If you want to know more about dealing with cancer and how to support your body best possible just check our web site. We dedicate the 2. Tuesday afternoon each month to a cancer seminar.

And moreover: you can get Nova Scotian blueberries all over the world deep frozen in the supermarkets.

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