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By Dr. med. Claudia Schmiemann

Not only  ears are good to listen but also hands.

When I have feet in my hands I get so many hints  of which part of the body is looking for support, where tension is stuck and what region craves for attention. Having all the theory in mind I prefer to just listen where my fingers are taken in order to serve in this particular moment.  It might be that a firm pressure is wanted, it might be that a very gentle and subtle touch is already enough to rebalance energy in the soles and around. Acupuncture points and meridians play a role of course – and the way I find a  rhythm to enhance the wellbeing can almost be playful as it is effective for body, mind and soul. Because in touching feet you will always meet the whole person.

Reflexology is right on my alley because it is a holistic approach that needs to be performed by an experienced and well trained human being who is capable of dealing with personal interaction. No machine will ever be able to interact and therefore benefit the client in a similar way. It is a question of inner attitude that rules the game as well: respect and humbleness towards another human being is key – embrace diversity and individuality and accept that everyone is the expert for him/her self.

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