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By Dr. med. Claudia Schmiemann

Zucchini are such a versatile vegetable! First cultivated in Mesoamerica 7000 years ago it quite recently found its way to the North of Italy in the 19th century.

The plants are easy to grow and belonging to the cucurbit family they like rich soils like compost. A single plant develops male and female flowers that you can eat raw, fried or stuffed. The fruits can reach a length of 1 meter but are sweeter and more tender harvested at a length of 15-25 cm.

After having prepared soups, sauces, zucchini bread, roasted oven veggies etc. there are still some left to process. So this year I tried something new: I cut the zucchini is slices and dried them. Afterwards I ground them to zucchini flower. This definitely has a longer shelf life than the raw zucchini. I use it for bread, soups and to thicken sauces or to blend it into dips.

This wonderful plant provides us with vitamin A and C and folate (B), contains lots of antioxidants and fiber and calcium (great for women in the second half of their lives!).

Look at how this golden-orange gorgeous big flower transitions into these beautiful green or yellow fruits – it is all about transition, isn´t it?

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