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By Dr. med. Claudia Schmiemann

As sprouting increases the amount of vitamins tremendously it is worth having a look at seeds that we can start to sprout in our kitchens. In general you can let any seed sprout. The most healthy sprouts are those of alfalfa, cruciferous like broccoli or brussels sprouts, mung beans or radish.

The content of amino acids, proteins and minerals is great and they are a good source of fiber as well. The cruciferous sprouts are especially high in anti-oxidants what makes them interesting for people who are dealing with chronic inflammation like f.e. Lyme.

You can use simple mason jars with a strainer lid you can get in health food stores. You water the seeds and rinse them once or twice daily. As soon as they sprout you can use them for salads, as snacks, in soups or even in smoothies.

Right now where everyone is waiting for the first fresh greens to appear at the farmers markets sprouts are a nice and healthy bridging “veggie”.

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