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By Dr. med. Claudia Schmiemann

Now is the time where we can still get fresh fennel at the Farmer´s markets! I just got some of this wonderful veggies from Bayport Farm.

The bulb and some leaves are what I love to stir fry. Raw it is good in salad. You can also slice it very thinly and have it with lemon juice and olive oil, salt and pepper! The plant belongs to the carrot family and originally comes from the Mediterranean shores by the way.

It is high in phosphorus, potassium and fiber. The seeds are packed with anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory substances. Prepared as a tea or even chewed it works well for GI issues like bloating, reflux or cramps- great for babies and children.

For eyesight it seems to be beneficial in slowing down a progression of cataract building and containing vitamin A and E is great for the retina in our eyes additionally.

Hair growth is improved because it contains molybdenum, copper, iron, pantothenic acid, folate and niacin.

Being diuretic fennel helps to flush out toxins. By using fennel seed oil you can cleanse your body. So the whole plant is edible and delicious and a gift of nature.

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