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By Dr. med. Claudia Schmiemann

During winter time until Spring is a good time to buy citrus fruits like clementines.

It was Clement Rodier, a French missionary in Algeria, after whom this fruit is named. Clementines are hybrids between willowleaf mandarin orange and sweet orange. There are 3 types: 1.) the seedless variant is self-incompatible and has to be cross pollinated, the 2.) Monreal has seeds and can self pollinate and is larger and sweeter than the seedless variant, and 3.) sweetclem are grown in Spain and North Africa and are sweeter as the name suggests.

The world production is covered by China up to 18 %, followed by Spain, Turkey and North Africa. In South America Brazil is the country that has an industry for it.

Clementines like all citrus fruits are rich in fibre. They contain a decent amount of Vitamin C and are an optimal source for Calcium! So if you want to secure your Calcium intake, have 2 clementines or an orange a day. The content of choline is a treat for our liver and helps to detoxify. Moreover they are just delicious, easy to take as a snack with their organic wrapping and fun to eat – I don´t know a single child who does not like them.

I suggest to wash the fruits once they arrive at your kitchen, because citrus fruits in general are sprayed and some people react to that.

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