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By Dr. med. Claudia Schmiemann

Nigella sativa is also called black cumin, black caraway or charnushka. It is referred to as the “herb of heaven”. The color of the seeds is black. This beautiful plant is native to Easter Europe, Northern Africa and Western Asia. It blooms in delicate blue and white colors. The seeds are used as a spice or on top of pastry or salads. By grinding you can extract black seed oil. I like to use a few drops in salad dressing or on the food of our pets as an insect and tick repellent. In the Mediterranean area it is used for its anti – microbial properties. It also has anti-allergic components and people with asthma like to use it. The anti-inflammatory effects make it interesting to use it as an contribution to the treatment of chronic inflammation like Lyme and rheumatoid arthritis.

There is a small content of Vitamin A,B and E in it as some minerals. Better researched is the content of antioxidants from the polyphenol family like tocopherol, terpenoide, terpene and thymoquinone.

There is an suggestion to use it externally on eczemas.

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