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By Dr. med. Claudia Schmiemann

Let´s today turn towards red laser and infrared laser light:

Red laser at a wavelength of 658 nm has a penetration depth of 2-3 cm and increases the cellular activity. Microcirculation is promoted and the immune system is stimulated by activation of different leukocyte groups. Fibroblasts are energized and therefore wound healing is improved. Red laser light is absorbed by cytochrome-c-oxidase at complex IV of mitochondria (power stations of the cell). In other words red laser energizes cells so that regeneration and self regulation is improved.

Infrared laser at a wavelength of 810 nm has the deepest penetration depth of 5-7 cm. For years already we love to use this laser for acupuncture. It stimulates even more intense than using needles. For ear acupuncture it is preferable because of the lower risk of infections. The effects of this frequency is mainly the increase of ATP production by stimulating the complex IV of the respiratory chain in our mitochondria. It works very well for transdermal use as the penetration depth is quite large.

…to be continued…..

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