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Light Health: Biophotons Part 3

Light – Health- Biophotons Part 3

By Dr. med. Claudia Schmiemann

We already learnt about a prism and how it can show us that white light contains all colors of a rainbow.

What we should still observe is how biophotons are absorbed from our bodies. Obviously, literally, we can see color and light. It is absorbed by specialized cells in our retina we call cones.

Hardly anyone doubts that light and color has an impact on our mood. So there seems to be a psychological effect, which will be discussed later.

Moreover light and color is also absorbed via our skin. We know about the vitamin D production that takes place in deeper layers of our skin as soon as sunlight is on our skin with an angle bigger than 45 ° – (more so in summertime, unless you live near the equator).

In addition to that we found out that very specific wavelengths are absorbed by very specific enzyme complexes in our mitochondria (the power stations of our cells) and therefore activate metabolic processes. The end result of the respiratory chain in our mitochondria is ATP (a molecule that works as the fuel we run on).

The more ATP, the more energy a cell can built up, the better it can restore and repair itself.

There was even a dispute amongst athletes who love to work with light and color therapy if that might fall under the regulations of doping. In the end it was decided that the impact of biophotons used in a therapeutic session can not be evaluated as doping. Although muscle power increases and healing rates are much shorter.

To be continued…..

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