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By Dr. med. Claudia Schmiemann

Today I would like to ventilate aspects of aging and the role photons play in it.

Aging is a basic principle of living and the part of life that we all dread and try to resist. We lose energy as we age and begin to forget things, our sexual health and performance declines and we begin to develop aches and pain. Some of those may result in a chronic disease. We store toxins and metals of which we can only get rid with very specific interventions. Research over the past 20 years had revealed that the loss of one of the most important molecules our body produces may be responsible for many of the aging symptoms. It is also the root cause for cardiovascular diseases: we are talking about nitric oxide or chemically expressed: NO.

When we are young and healthy the endothelial (inner layer of our blood vessels) production of NO through L-Arginine (an amino acid) is efficient and sufficient to produce NO. However as we age we lose our ability to synthesize endothelial derived NO.

Atherosclerosis is the major source of morbidity and mortality in the “developed” world. The magnitude of this problem is profound as atherosclerosis claims more lives than all types of cancer combined and the economic costs are considerable. Reduced NO availability is a hallmark of atherosclerosis. The endothelium – derived NO plays a crucial role in regulating a wide spectrum of functions in the cardiovascular system, including vasorelaxation, inhibition of leukocyte-endothelial adhesion, vascular smooth muscle cell migration and proliferation as well as platelet aggregation.

By applying low level laser light to our system we discover an increased production of NO and an improved microcirculation. The enzyme telomerase is amplified which leads to an inhibition of the degradation of telomeres which are responsible for our life expectancy. These are strong anti-aging effects.

….to be continued….

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