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Dr. med. Claudia Schmiemann

Since ancient times, metal needles are the most important tools for stimulating different acupuncture points.

New optical and electrical stimulation methods developed during the last few years.

Stimulation of acupuncture points with a low level laser device offers a very effective and painless approach. For auricular acupuncture laser is superior because it doesn´t harm the integrity of the ear. Therefore the infection risk is excluded.

Moreover children and even animals benefit from a painless acupuncture.

Infrared laser at 810 nm and white laser at 905 nm have a decent penetration depth of 5-7 cm. In sport medicine low level laser applications are known for a long time. It promotes wound healing and helps cell repair. Microcirculation is enhanced and oxygen supply is promoted. Increased building of Nitric Oxide relaxes blood vessels and this way it supports microcirculation.

Even with acute traumatized tissues we can calm down pain almost immediately. Due to the increased activity of phagocytic macrophages and the normalization of the cell membrane potential as well as by the activation of fibrinolysis repair and healing is initialized.

…to be continued….

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