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By Dr. med. Claudia Schmiemann

Last but not least let´s focus on green laser light at 532nm.

While red laser (632 nm) is foremost absorbed by white blood cells, green laser is absorbed by red blood cells (erythrocytes). That leads to an improved deformability of erythrocytes which leads to rheologic advantages. Just imagine that red blood cells have to squeeze themselves through the smallest arterioles one by one. And the flexibility of those donut shaped cells gets more rigid the older they become (average life span of an erythrocyte: 3 months).

More deformability therefore means a significant improvement of microcirculation which is not only important for warm hands and feet but also for the effectiveness with which our organs can do their work. Wherever decent oxygen supply is,. decline and microbes have far less of a chance to harm us and detoxification and alkalization of tissue is promoted.

From Slovakia and Poland we have studies that investigated the effect of green laser on the sodium-potassium-pump(Na-K-ATPase).

This pump is needed to maintain a current along the membranes. Simplified we could say that this keeps cells healthy as they are able to protect themselves and to repair better.

…to be continued….

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