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By Dr. med. Claudia Schmiemann

Pumpkin season is coming up – and good news is: it is not only fun to carve pumpkins and to illuminate them but they are a great contribution to our health!

The beta-carotinoids they contain is transformed into Vitamin A which helps with eye health. The abundance of antioxidants helps to cope with several chronic diseases. It is anti-inflammatory food and even helps with skin issues and depression.

So knowing about the variety of pumpkins is there a “healthiest” one? Well – the Hokkaido is at least the one with the highest content of vitamin C . Moreover it is the guy you can eat with its skin – which makes it a lot easier to process in the kitchen.

Fiber is high in all of the pumpkins and Vitamin B2 is also a benefit in them.

So what are your favorite recipes? You can have them raw or cooked, baked or steamed. You can add them to your bread dough or salad. It is really a versatile vegetable.

Have fun with it and enjoy these colorful veggies!

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