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By Dr. med. Claudia Schmiemann

It was so much fun to collect the apples at our neighbour´s place the other day to prepare dried apples, apple sauce and apple juice!

So let´s have a look at the health benefits of these fruits:

They contain lots of fiber and flavonol as well as triterpenoids in their peel – all anti-carcinogenic.

Talking about peel: all the good stuff is in or directly under it. So try to get untreated apples so you can enjoy them with peel.

Apples can reduce the risk of developing diabetes Type 2 due to its high level of water soluble fiber. It helps to keep mouth hygiene simple as eating leads to an increase of saliva production.

Apples come with a content of phenolic compound that is able to stick to the endothel (the inner layer of our arteries) and prevent cholesterol damage. Some studies even suggest that apples are also able to restore this endothel that has already been affected by arteriosclerosis.

Quercetin, a plant polyphenol, what you perhaps know as a supplement, is high in apples and explains its beneficial impact on our immune system.

Long term studies showed that the richness of antioxidants are able to decrease the rate of developing a cataract by 10-15%. Moreover mental decline is slowed down significantly.

Apples are really an available and cost-conscious source of health boostering ingredients – enjoy!

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