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By Dr. med. Claudia Schmiemann

Isn´t it amazing how differently we experience time? When we are bored we feel like stuck in time. When we are deeply engaged with something time just flies by. And how often are we occupied with pondering about the past or making plans for the future?

Almost all holistic health exercises are combined with a training of becoming more aware of the presence. When we experience consciously the very moment we live in, time slows down. Awareness exercises allow us to reconnect with ourselves, to focus our attention onto our senses. It makes it easier to listen to our inner voices and to perceive ourselves in the environment we are in. Giving ourselves a treat in focusing on our inside helps to notice where selfcare is necessary and where self healing can be induced.

You don´t know how to learn to be more self aware?

You can learn it at Holistic Health in Lunenburg. Feel free to check out our website and find out about Qi Gong classes, singing bowl meditation, dancing with the Orishas and other offerings that are designed to teach you how to enhance your relationship with yourself. Good to know: it is never too late for an improvement!

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