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Golden Honey from Lunenburg

Our first batch of Lunenburg Honey – the Nectar of the Gods!

For thousands of years, honey bees and their sweet treat made out of a bright variety of plants has attracted humans and animals alike.

Golden Honey from Lunenburg

Just a little sip of the golden syrup, so delicious and rich!

It is the composition of hundreds and hundreds of different ingredients, collected by the busy worker bees one by one – and it’s all these different ingredients that give the honey its many health benefits. (More on this in a later post!)

In all cultures, honey was considered an incredibly luxurious sweetener – in fact, when anthropologists opened up the graves of the Egyptian King Tut Ench Amun they found bowls full of honey, still able to be consumed after thousands of years!

No wonder it’s considered the nectar of the gods!

We at Holistic Health Lunenburg started our bee keeping project a few weeks ago. And here it is, the first crop of golden honey. Our bees collected and produced this wonderful light, golden, DELICIOUS honey.

We are so grateful to mother nature which gave us this wonderful sweet syrup, and are excited to share it with you.

Available now at the Holistic Health Centre, Lunenburg while supplies last.

F: 1 (902) 640 2100

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