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Arthur, the big mountain Crystal

May I introduce myself? My name is Arthur and I am a big mountain crystal!

by T. Gooss

My first owner found me in Arkansas at Mount Ida Mountain Mine a long time ago. For thousands of years I was growing to be discovered by a Swiss expert for minerals. He rescued me. I am quite heavy, about 300 pounds, and therefore it wasn’t easy to get me out of the mine.  I traveled to Switzerland and lived there for a while. Many years ago my owner decided to take me to his summer home in Nova Scotia. So I travelled again and settled in a very nice, warm and cozy house at the Spectacle Lake near Bridgewater.

My healing talents have been beneficial for my owner. He improved his peace of mind his stomach and guts calmed down and he collected new energy when he was visiting his second home. In the past few years he wasn’t able to come along any more and my cozy and warm place needed to be sold. My owner wanted me to be in an appreciative environment and tried to find a new home for me.  I was surprised when two men appeared in November and gave me a ride to Lunenburg. Now I find myself in the entrance hall of the Holistic Health Centre in Lunenburg. I am in good company here:  there is a big Amethyst opposite to me, some rose quartzes next to me and many other gem stones.  I am happy to welcome every client and share my healing talents with each of them. My new owner installed a special lamp to put me in the right perspective and now hundreds of crystal needles are glistening to everyone who is entering the place. I would love to welcome and excite you at Holistic Health Lunenburg too.

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