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2 minutes emergency mask

You don’t have much time and want to get into an energetic positive state?

Here comes a simple and effective way to accomplish this:

– close your eyes and listen to what you can hear. Don’t take longer than 20 sec to become aware of noises and sounds. Analyze them and locate them.

– keep your eyes closed and focus on your sense of smell-not longer than 20 sec.. Familiar smells?

– keep your…. you know already… and feel where you are located: feel your feet and the ground they are placed upon. Notice how your legs are positioned, be

aware of your spine, back, belly… are your arms hanging or are they placed on an arm rest? Feel your head, your face and relax your shoulders. Spend not more than a minute on it.

– take a single deep inhaler and prolong the exhale as long as possible.

– now open your eyes and take 10 sec. to consciously look around and be aware of your environment.

These 2 minutes are enough to help to centre yourself and to connect you to the here and now. For your brain it serves like a reset button.

Now you are ready to go!

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