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The Rest is the best


by Dr. med. Claudia Schmiemann

Ok…. I have to admit: summertime is over and there are some leftovers from this and that: a few half red tomatoes, lots of yellow and orange ground cherries and a few pieces of rhubarb….not really worth for something classical…. SO LET´S BECOME INVENTIVE!

Ground cherries contain lots of vitamin C, B1, B6, iron and ß-carotene what can be metabolized to vitamin A. The rhubarb is big in potassium, calcium, phosphor and magnesium and also contains vitamin C, A, B1, B2! The tomatoes are high in lycopene what is appreciated by our blood vessels. Why don´t we create a jam and spice it up with two yang- spices like cardamom and nutmeg??? Especially the cardamom is beneficial for the whole GI tract and is a muscle relaxant that has also antidepressant properties. You heat it up while stirring, add organic sugar and a little bit of psyllium to enrich the content of fibre and to thicken it a little. This turns out to be a delicious and precious spread you could enjoy on a gluten free self prepared bread. Enjoy!! The rest of the harvest might become the best!

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